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Enchantariums & Ruins SOLD
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These are some of the 300+ enchantariums we have sold.  The enchantariums pictured range from freshly planted to 2 years old.  If you came looking for something we do not have in stock, please contact us regarding a custom order. 

(The pictures are large. Please be patient while they load.)

2 gallon size
real water filled pond    inspired by Attack on
                        Titan        1 year old graveyard    one year
                        old growth   

1 gallon size
empty crypt whith ironwork gate    Wall Maria fan art    kodama from Princess Mononoke    2
                            walls exposed    have a seat    tiny village in a giant brandy
                            glass    natural landscape    Hobbit home with a window   

1/2 gallon size
'Lemon Button' fern    church steeple    sci-fi gate    Lemon Button fern 1.5 yr old    Christmas
                  bunny    fern 'Fluffy Ruffles'        one year old ruins    empty cave    kodama in
                  the ferns    brownstone
                  with Emerald club moss    mossy
                        creek    headstone    'Ruby Red' sellaginella   

small jars (about 3 cups)
  wild fern    just

Whisper size (about 1/2 cup)
English garden style            treasure chest   1.5 inch tall fountain        elegant
                          gazing ball    RIP


business card holders
business card holder business card holder

smaller dice tower
smaller dice tower   2 levels
                        for great miniature display

modular corner terrain
easy to mix and match    jail


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