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Whether you are looking for a display stand for your D&D miniatures or some really durable terrain for your war game table, we have what you want!

These are detailed, durable wargaming accessories. Susan casts the stonework in high density "Merlin's Magic" plaster using Hirst Arts molds.  Every ruin and scenery piece is then custom built and hand painted. These pieces are 25/28 mm scale.  The subtle 1" grid of the fieldstone floors makes them suitable for tabletop RPG play in many popular systems (Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Warhammer).  

4 pieces shown

removable dice tray for easier storage  designed with 2 internal rolling ramps
dice tower front and back

removable felt bottom dice catch tray    accepts a dozen
                      dice at one
custom extra large dice tower

dungeon accessories and decor
25mm scale accessories add flavor to your tabletop

headstones and grave markers
tiny mix and match gravestones (1/2" to 2 1/4" height)

                      and windows   staircase and
wide arch
                      doorway   lion's head
modular fieldstone corner units

Mix and match to make a wide variety of room layouts for your dungeon
                      pieces shown together   combine corners to make rooms  

Custom orders are always welcome! 
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