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Our Enchanted Terrariums feature  live  true-miniature ferns and vines, live moss, tiny landscaping, and bits of fantasy.  Our Enchantariums are designed for super easy care, and are available in a range of sizes, priced from $10 to $75.

We have grown terrariums for years, and include only plants that we know will thrive in these mostly sealed containers in bright indoor light.

new for

natural landscapes
1 gallon jar with pond    bridge

 English Garden 
Lemon Button fern     real miniature pond     

                                  fantasy architecture 
Whisper size           sellaginella, creeping fig, and moss
Japanese moss garden                                 

tiny gazing ball           tiny treasure chest
   tiny gazing ball    treasure

knight on a horse
small size knight on a horse 

Super easy care.  I often go TWO MONTHS without watering.

                    freshly planted jar                            12 months later (watered 6 times) 
freshly planted half gallon jar   after a year's growth 

After growing for a year, the moss was ready for a haircut.
same jar +/- a year


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